About us

Neil Rowland and Jane Christison set up “Christison & Rowland LLP”  Independent Financial Advisors in 2006 to offer their customers an independent advice service for investments, pensions, mortgages and insurance, as well as inheritance tax planning and wills.*

We are proud to offer a professional service for our clients who want a lasting relationship and a personal service for their financial planning. We aim to make take the jargon out of financial matters and enable you to make informed decisions about your future.

A combined total of over forty years of working in personal finance has helped them to develop a good network of contacts with investment companies, life assurers, lenders, accountants and solicitors. By using online processing we can offer our customers the benefits of a speedy and efficient service.

In 2020 two new recruits joined the firm: Daniel Eatwell and Will Edwards. Daniel has joined Neil on the investment and pension side of the business, and Will has teamed up with Jane in the mortgage, insurance and protection side.

Daniel has over twenty years of experience in advising private clients across a number of areas including retirement planning, personal financial planning and investment management.

Daniel’s approach to financial planning is one that seeks to demystify and explain the world of finance and provide solutions in a language that can be understood by his clients. He is working towards achieving Chartered Financial Planner status and has passed the advanced papers in retirement income planning and pension transfers.

Will is a recent graduate from Durham University and newly qualified in the mortgage industry. He has a keen interest in personal finance and being able to understand and help people achieve their financial goals. He wants to create lasting relationships with his clients and provide a personal and professional service which is stress free.

*Wills are not currently regulated by The FCA

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